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The Yum Balisi Concept

Yum Balisi, currently with properties in Mexico and Belize, is a multi-faceted resort concept that incorporates a development philosophy of creating and maintaining high property values through thoughtful development plans and the use of leading edge building and operating techniques that preserve the areas special characteristics and are sensitive to the indigenous traditions.

In many popular international resort areas where nature is the main attraction, too often developers and tour operators saturate the environment with non-sustainable designs and operations that allow too much inappropriate activity, effectively diminishing the value of the very thing that attracted them in the first place.

The old way of resort development was to stack units vertically in high-rise structures along a thin stretch of beach, essentially insulating the guest from all intrinsic natural environments.

The New Way of resort development is to co-mingle nature and man-made structures in ways that allow the natural environment to be the focal point of site design and guest experiences.